Osteopath to Complete Our Clinical Care Team in Downtown Guelph

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner (Osteopath) to Complete Our Team in Downtown Guelph

Two Rivers Health is a new integrative clinic opening in fall 2016 in downtown Guelph seeking to support our patients with excellent Osteopathic care. We are a naturopathic doctor-led clinic providing high-quality, evidence-based, heart-led family care serving a large perinatal, women’s health and pediatric patient population as well as a general family practice including people with a variety of chronic conditions and concerns.

You would have the opportunity to move existing clientele and/or build your practice with a strong referral base of 4 full-time naturopathic doctors in an exceptional, newly renovated, main-floor accessible space in a prominent, much-loved building – the oldest commercial building in the city. The clinic is led by Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty, an experienced naturopathic doctor with a view to provide life-changing health care services, foster deep connection in the Guelph community, take care of the health of this and future generations of our patient families, create wellness and work-life balance for practitioners and serve in our role as wellness leaders in our healthy community. Our clinical care will be nested in Guelph’s downtown Market Square neighbourhood featuring high visibility, strong pedestrian traffic and ample nearby public parking.

The clinic features restored original interior stone walls, reclaimed hardwood flooring, a pristine and calming clinic environment including a bright open-concept treatment area available to practitioners for group sessions or workshops. Your client schedule may be run from our online booking and clinic management software and you may request to schedule full-time or part-time hours. Fees are competitive and commensurate with experience, skills and your ability to work synergistically with this thriving integrative practice.

If interested, please email hello@tworivershealth.ca with the subject line, “OMP APPLICATION; Attn. Dr. C.”. Please include in the body of your email 1-2 paragraphs describing the kind of patients with whom you will do your best work and why that is the case; why you want to build your practice in an integrative clinic setting; your level of patient experience; and how you plan to market your practice. Please attach your CV or resume and a sample of your writing to your email. We thank all applicants in advance and only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Two Rivers Logo

5 Safe & Easy Steps to Starting a Successful Detox

Thinking about doing a cleanse, but not sure where to start? Concerned about what toxins from the environment are doing to your health, your hormones, your fertility?

You’re Designed to Detox

If my degree in toxicology taught me one thing, it’s that the human body is capable of detoxifying nearly any toxin – miraculously, this includes toxins that are man-made and didn’t even exist on this planet just two generations ago.

And, if my clinical training has taught me one thing, it’s that detoxification is complicated. Since the ability to eliminate toxins effectively is absolutely relevant to your health goals: from overcoming infertility to losing weight to clearing your skin to preventing certain cancers…I want to make it easier for you to navigate through the complexity, set aside the hype and unsafe trends, and put in place some everyday habits that can get the detox ball rolling, safely and naturally – right away if you choose to.

Set off on the right track by following these 5 steps to start your detox:

  1. Commit a Bit of “Purgery”

    Hand opening pantryIngestion is the #1 way toxins get into our bodies. Purge your pantry of foods that contain synthetic chemicals, colourings, preservatives, etc. Remember that refined sugar also depletes your body of valuable minerals it needs to detoxify other chemicals effectively. Next, go plastic-free when it comes to food preparation, utensils and storage. Never heat food in plastic or Styrofoam. I recommend glass and stainless steel for anything that comes into contact with your food. You can also use paper bags, bamboo, silicon and good old cotton tea towels to wrap, store and transport various foods.

  2. Clean Up Your Cosmetics

    Your skin is an absorptive surface. As I teach clients in my Love Your Skin Program, assume anything you apply to your skin will reach your bloodstream, so if you wouldn’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your skin. Screen cosmetics, sunscreen, deodorant, lotions, makeup, shampoo etc. against the Skin Deep Cosmetics database by Environmental Working Group. As a general rule your products should contain no pthalates, perfumes, petroleum, petrolatum, or parabens.Makeup Brush

  3. Perspiration Prescription

    Sweat it out, girl! You can sweat out toxic heavy metals like mercury and arsenic, and even plastic-derived chemicals like bisphenol A (BPA). Getting your sweat on through exercise will also boost lymphatic drainage, increase your circulation and help you maintain regular bowel function, which are all essential physiological functions for getting those toxins out. Think hot yoga, saunas, steam rooms, and enough of a challenge with your cardio and weights that you break a great sweat. Shower off with cold water after your sweat sesh to close your pores and seal out those toxins you worked so hard to eliminate. NB: Gentleman, talk to your health practitioner before starting a sauna program in the 3-4 months before trying to conceive, as the heat could affect your fertility.Pushup

  4. Ramp Up the Roughage

    Fiber-rich foods like ground flax seeds, chia, whole grains, legumes, fruit and veggies help to bind toxins in your digestive tract and sweep them on out. Aim for 40 grams (yes, I said 40!) of fibre each day. Fibre doesn’t have to be the bland something you have to kind of choke down. Try a fruit smoothie with ground seeds blended in, or munch on unsweetened coconut flakes for a naturally sweet and crunchy fibre-fortified snack when you’re craving a “treat”.Green Smoothie with Fruit

  5. Cleanse Your Medicine Cabinet

    Find out which prescription and non-prescription medicines (including natural supplements!) contain questionable ingredients: the drug itself or the “non-medicinal ingredients” listed on your nutritional supplements or herbs could actually be considered toxic. I recently noted the chemical solvent hydroxybutyl toluene and the hormone-disrupting methylparaben in the list of non-medicinal ingredients of a patient’s superstore-brand prenatal multivitamins! Be sure you’re also avoiding medications that can harm your fertility. For example, when starting or following up on medication most men aren’t told that their antidepressant (SSRI or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) can damage sperm and reduce their fertility, and most women aren’t informed that ongoing use of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like naproxen have been shown to interfere with ovulation. Speak with your naturopath or family doctor before stopping or starting any new medication or supplement.

When’s It Time to Talk With Your Doc?

Not all detox plans and programs are created equally. Many over-the-counter products send you to the bathroom frequently but aren’t effectively removing stored toxins from your body, and many formulas aren’t safe in pregnancy. Be sure to discuss with your doctor your plans to start any detox program so you can get the proper assessment pre- and post- detox, follow a safe protocol and be confident you’re getting the results you’re looking for.

Naturopathic Doctor to Complete Our Clinical Care Team – September 2016

Naturopathic Doctor to Complete Our Clinical Care Team in Downtown Guelph

Two Rivers Health is a new integrative clinic in downtown Guelph seeking to enhance our patients’ healing journeys with your exceptional care as their Naturopathic Doctor. Currently, we serve a substantial and growing fertility, perinatal and pediatric population as well as maintaining a general family practice working with patients with a broad range of chronic conditions and concerns, from women’s health and thyroid disorders to cancer care, autoimmune disorders, and concussion recovery. You will be encouraged to focus on the practice niche(s) you’re most passionate about serving.You’re highly personable, self-motivated, and can blend research-informed treatment with compassion, creativity and sensitivity for the needs your patient is experiencing below the level of their physical symptoms. You’re inspired to help your patients lead their highest-quality lives. Asset qualifications for this position also include successful completion of Ontario Prescribing exams and IV Certification (or intention to complete certification by fall 2016), and an interest in completing regular writing or research pieces that will be distributed via our social media channels. We’re moving our practice into our new space in September 2016 and would love to promote you and get your schedule booked well before your official start date.

In this boutique-style group integrative practice, you’ll have the opportunity to move existing clientele and/or build your client base with strong referrals from 2 full-time “niched” Naturopathic Doctors and a small group of select licensed complementary practitioners. The clinic will be housed in an exceptionally well-located, newly renovated, ground-floor, fully accessible space in a prominent historical building across from City Hall in the family-friendly Market Square neighbourhood in downtown Guelph. The building is the oldest commercial site in Guelph and for the last generation housed a long-loved bookstore. It has received continuous attention and praise from the community since renovations began in spring 2016. Clinic signage will be visible to hundreds of pedestrians and commuters daily. The clinic’s neighbours include restaurants, patios, shops, provincial courts, train and bus terminals, the Guelph Farmers’ Market, and the splash pool (summer)/outdoor skating rink (winter) at City Hall. The neighbourhood will also become home to 9,000 new residents over the next 4 years in new developments within walking distance of the clinic.

The goals of Two Rivers Health are to provide life-changing health care services, deeply serve the Guelph community, take care of future generations before they are even conceived, create wellness and work-life balance for practitioners, and be leaders in both our local and global (online) communities. The clinic environment features original interior stone walls, locally-sourced hardwood floors, natural light and locally crafted custom woodwork fixtures. We are intentional about fostering work-life balance and wellness for our practitioners and can create a practice schedule that supports your success and your ability to pursue your personal wellness, family, and interests outside of clinic. As part of this practice you will have the opportunity to receive focused mentorship on practice-building, leadership, education-based marketing and online content development. Fees and compensation are competitive and commensurate with experience, skills and your ability to work synergistically within this thriving integrative practice.

To apply, please email hello@tworivershealth.ca with the subject line, “ND APPLICATION; Attn. Dr. C.”. Please include in the body of your email: 1-2 paragraphs describing the kind of patients with whom you will do your best work and why that is the case; why you want to build your practice in an integrative context; your connection to Guelph; your level of patient experience; and how you plan to market your practice. Please attach your CV or resume and a sample of your writing to your email. We sincerely thank all NDs in advance and will contact only those selected for an interview.  Two Rivers Logo

Two Rivers Health provides integrative family care in downtown Guelph

Two Rivers Health provides integrative family care in downtown Guelph


How We Help People With Cancer

You remember the moment clearly: the day you, or someone you care about, was diagnosed with cancer. Our very own Dr. Alaina Gair has a special concern for helping people who are working through cancer to navigate their journey with personalized, supportive care.
In this article, Dr. Gair summarizes what to expect when working with a naturopathic doctor with your cancer care.

Diagnosis Distress:

Understanding How Adjunctive Cancer Care Empowers People With Cancer


Dr. Gair is a naturopathic doctor who develops specific treatment plans to support people with, and recovering from, cancer.

Research Revolution
We have shifted from a society that relies on doctors for all of our health-related advice to one where people seek out answers for themselves. There is an abundance of medical-type literature available thanks to the internet and I encourage clients to do some of their own research. This task can be overwhelming but can also bring insight and will empower you! Working with a naturopathic doctor who has been trained in adjunctive cancer care can bring greater understanding to these investigations, and bring clarity to your diagnosis, treatment options and complimentary therapies that would suit your individual case.
Solo is a No-Go!
Many natural treatments have the potential to interact with conventional treatments or decrease their effectiveness. Before starting any new treatment, it is important to see a naturopathic doctor whose clinical focuses include cancer care to discuss what you’ve come across and whether that is a good fit for you. Do not try to go it alone! A naturopath who has been trained in adjunctive cancer care can help you assess resources and implement the right treatment options for you, without hindering your conventional care or causing potentially harmful interactions.
A Dream Team
Today there isn’t enough evidence to suggest that any natural treatment should be chosen instead of the conventional treatments (generally a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation). However, there is research – published and ongoing – that supports the use of naturopathic treatments in combination with those conventional therapies.
Integration and teamwork is an important part of helping you navigate a cancer diagnosis and is at the heart of adjunctive cancer care. By working within the oncology community and pairing these treatments, a naturopathic doctor can help you get through chemotherapy  and radiation with less side effects, help to manage delays in treatment that can occur and improve your overall sense of wellness during treatment.  Once your conventional treatments are complete, adjunctive cancer care can ease remaining side effects like brain fog, fatigue or pain and decrease likelihood of recurrence.
Top–Drawer Therapies
All treatment plans are developed on an individual basis with each person’s unique goals, other medications, and preferences in mind. Adjunctive cancer care can include:
·       Supplements Selection
·       Nutrition Optimization
·       Lifestyle Coaching
·       Mindfulness
·       Stress Management
·       Acupuncture
·       Hydrotherapy
·       IV Therapy
Create Connection
Dr. Alaina Gair, ND is a naturopathic doctor with a special interest in helping people with cancer. Naturopathic approaches can help you safely navigate the cancer treatment, recovery and prevention journey with personalized support. Dr. Gair would be pleased to answer your questions about how a naturopathic approach to cancer can help you. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary meet-and-greet visit with Dr. Gair.


Fertility Cleanse Program is LIVE!

When I launched my 21-Day Fertility Cleanse Program, I was thrilled to witness the transformative power of food in the fertility and lives of women couples just like you.
“Hi Elizabeth. The cleanse was great. I had more energy,  I was watching what I was eating and provided healthier food options for my family….The best part was that I felt better about me and being in control and more knowledgeable about the food I was putting in my body. I did not crave sugar after just 3 days…I lost 7 pounds, felt leaner and had way more energy then when I started.  Overall the experience was great and I would recommend this cleanse to anyone ttc.”
D., St. Catharines
It was amazing to see not only the ease with which clients lost weight, regained their energy, conquered their PMS, reclaimed control over their food and did something good for themselves, but also the community that was created in our private Facebook group. And, some special news…As I write this it’s just 6 weeks after our cleanse group completed their program and I’m especially excited to share that three of our participant couples are now pregnant! Congratulations!!
YOU can get in on all the goodies, too, as registration is now open for my 21-Day Fertility Cleanse Program!
If you’d like to jump in (even if you’re scared!) to this awesome program and learn once and for how to transform your fertility results with the simple power of food, join me on the program (it’s completely online, so you can do this from the comfort of your home from anywhere in the world!) (Read: No excuses! Let’s do this!)
Whenever we’re in an official LIVE launch of this program, I will be providing individual coaching, support and guidance through our private Facebook chat group throughout the 21-Day Program, and you can stay in the Facebook group for as long as you like. (But only Fertility Cleanse members can get in!)
Fertility Cleanse Program Screen Shot
Don’t miss the opportunity to receive my support, the cheers of others who really get what you’re going through, and the ability to boost your chances of conceiving a healthy baby – starting right now. Register here.
P.S. Some of the folks who did their cleanse with me initially felt so well they want to do it again! You’ll meet them in our private Facebook chat group as your cleanse alumni mentors!
Looking forward to having you in the fertility cleanse program. 

3 Things My Most Fertile Clients Did Differently…To Get Pregnant & Have Healthy Babies

Observations from my clinical & fertility coaching practice with women and couples just like you who were once wishing to conceive, and who are now happy parents of thriving kids.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 7.45.54 PM

I’ve been getting a ton of questions lately from women and couples wondering how to boost their fertility naturally.
It’s a time in history when 1 in 5 couples faces fertility challenges (that is a HUGE statistic) and I’m seeing new patients every week in my practice needing help with fertility.
I took some time to reflect on my experiences working with fertility patients over the past six years. I thought about the couples who have gotten pregnant and now have healthy babies and children, and what they did differently.
I created this 6-minute video to teach you about the 3 key things that my most fertile couples (now parents) did differently because you can totally do this, too.
Here’s how:
1. Take a Step Back to Dive In
Setting aside a few months to enrich your health and focus on your fertility, and maybe let go of some other non-essentials you’ve been holding onto that are taking your energy and free time.
2. Mindset Modification
I’ve noticed it can be helpful to “Think of pregnancy as a gift to be received, rather than a task to be achieved” (Tweetable!Give yourself permission to “just be” the best of who you are, rather than struggling to do, do, do “all the right things” to try to get pregnant.
3. Fuel Your Fertility
Choose the best quality food you can afford, and skip the processed stuff. Sugar, white flour, trans fats and pop are fertility killers – the Nurses’ Health Study showed these foods (or non-foods actually!) are linked with the highest rates of infertility and ovulation problems in women.
You can do this, too, right??  I know you can 🙂
What are you going to try first?
P.S. Three of my clients have recently gotten pregnant during or right after Fueling Their Fertility with my 21-Day Fertility Cleanse Program!  Registration has JUST opened for my second launch of this program, as the first one received so much praise!
Early bird pricing is on until Saturday and you’re getting advance notice FIRST because I value your presence in this online fertility & wellness community 🙂
Soon, I’ll open up to a wider audience and need to limit registrations to keep the group private and intimate and ensure I have enough time to respond and coach you personally through our private Facebook group for members only. If you’re ready to make a change for your fertility & wellness now, join me for this 21-Day Fertility Cleanse Program!
I’d love to see you there.

Is Food Your Superpower? (+ Healthy Dessert Recipe)


Something is happening.
I’ve been so inspired to see how many of you in our cherished community are discovering the power of food in your life. I didn’t think I could appreciate food even more than I already did as a naturopath and natural food lover (for decades!)….but in the past few weeks my adoration and respect for the power of food has increased 100 fold because of YOU!
Since spring, I’ve launched cleanse workshops at the clinic, put 21 patients on our signature 3-Week Cleanse Program, and had another 15 couples complete my new 21-Day Fertility Cleanse Program. And I’ve cleansed right along with you, too!
When you make a decision to eat in the way that’s right for you, everything you thought you’d have to accept about your health changes.
You get insights. You go deeper. You feel better.
You’ve realized that although you may be literally addicted to sugar, you’ve regained control over your choices so you feel empowered…You’ve lost weight, so you feel inspired and proud of yourself as your self-care has led to a deeper sense of self-esteem….You’ve boosted your energy, started sleeping more deeply, clarified your mind and evened out your mood. You’ve had easier periods and no PMS for the first time in a very long time.  You’ve drawn closer to your partner as you work out all this food prep together and enjoyed experimenting with new healthy foods. You’ve experienced less pain and fewer headaches.
You may have even become pregnant after months or years of trying as two of my clients did the very first time I ran my 21-Day Fertility Cleanse Program.
Eating the right food for you breaks through layers of inflammation that creates the root of your symptoms…from bad moods to weight gain to skin problems to infertility.
In fact, getting a handle on eating healthy is the #1 way my clients step into their self-healing power.
Superman superpower
So WELL done!! The privilege of witnessing your results makes me feel absolutely thrilled for you.
You’ve also told me about obstacles you’re facing as you try to make healthy changes in your life. This is work that I really enjoy helping you with because the breakthroughs you experience in your lives are unique to you and move you into the next stage of you living your highest potential.
The best part of all of this is that you get to take all this wisdom with you for the rest of your life. Like I often say….
Once you see truth, you can’t un-see it!
In the spirit of living life to the fullest, and using healthy food to fuel your body to wellness, I have two questions for you:
1. Where do you want to be in 1 year?
2. What’s stopping you from going for it?
Think on this, and let me know what you come up with. It’s really important to share with someone (could be me, or could be anyone else you trust :))
Once you name your obstacle, you can start to overcome it.
As a little treat from our 3-Week Cleanse Program comes straight to you for all this hard work, here’s my Mango Sorbet recipe you can enjoy 100% guiltlessly, all weekend long.
Bon appetit (and feel free to share this totally healthy treat!)
Dr. Liz
P.S. Don’t miss out on a thing – register for my email updates and receive my free guide to women’s health home remedies right here.
Dr. Liz’s Coconut Mango Sorbet
1 cup frozen mango pieces
1 cup coconut milk
½ tsp real vanilla extract
½ to 1 tsp honey (if desired)
Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
Enjoy immediately. Makes 2 servings.

3 Surprising Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning (and a bonus 4th!)

Spring Cleaning

Is your Spring Cleaning fertility-friendly?

Did you know that a good old fashioned spring cleaning can actually boost your health?
I recently did the biggest Spring Clean of my life (with plenty of help from my hubby). It wasn’t easy, but I chose to let go of many “things” that I’ve been carrying with me for years. I’m slightly embarrassed to say, I cleared out bins that even contained journals from high school. Yikes! Don’t need those anymore!
I also processed a whole lot of emotion as I worked my way through some of the boxes of my dad’s things, including his collections. As a super sentimental person I also adopted some of my dad’s natural sentimentality after he passed away. Needless to say, it was difficult to let go of anything that reminded me of him, but with plenty of support I accomplished the feat I had been putting off, and dreading, for years.
Through that process I noticed a few things about my personal health journey that I though you might find valuable. So here in this video, I’m sharing 3 Surprising Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning that may give you a whole new level of appreciation for this annual (or, at least I hope it will be!) ritual.
Click to see the video!

3 Surprising Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning: Are You Ready to Clear Your Path to Health?

Never thought I’d be the one to say this, but Happy Cleaning!!!
Dr. Liz

Dr. Katie’s Maternity Leave & How to Win a FitBit

As Dr. Katie prepares to welcome her new Baby, we wanted to wish her health & joy with her new little one (coming some time this month!!), and also to let you know that Dr. Alaina Gair is available to help you with your health needs while Dr. Katie is on maternity leave. Dr. Katie’s patients are welcome to book appointments with Dr. Alaina on Tuesdays and Fridays. Contact us to book an appointment.


If you haven’t met Dr. Alaina yet, May is the perfect month to come in and get to know her! Until May 31st, when you refer a friend or loved one to receive naturopathic medical care with one of our naturopathic doctors, you’ll be entered to win one of 9 great prizes including a FREE complete Initial Naturopathic Consultation, a FitBit, or a brand new bike!!
If it’s time for someone you care about to Spring Into Health, fill out a ballot at the clinic and BOTH of you will be entered to win a fantastic prize when your special someone has their visit.
It’s our way of saying thank you and joining with our colleagues across Canada in celebration of Naturopathic Medicine Week AND Spinal Health Month!
Remember, the visit needs to happen by May 31st to get in on our Spring Into Health contest. You can also make a referral to one of our wonderful chiropractors and be entered in the draw, too!
Thanks for being a part of our healthy community 🙂
Happy Springing Into Health!
Dr. Liz

Welcome, Dr. Alaina Gair ND!

I’m very pleased to introduce you to the wonderful Dr. Alaina Gair, ND! She’s just joined our practice from Halifax, NS, and is eager to settle into Guelph as her new permanent home. Dr. Alaina is an expert in adjunctive cancer care, natural treatment of thyroid conditions, and management of neurological conditions including concussions, MS and Parkinson’s.

Dr. Alaina is already becoming well-known for her friendly, warm and approachable style. She helps people at all stages of health to make effective choices and transform their results so they can transform their lives. I’m so glad that Dr. Alaina has chosen to come and work with us. I know you’ll love working with her, just as we do!

Professional Photo 1 Dr. Alaina is currently accepting new patients at our downtown Guelph offices. Contact us to book an appointment, and start improving your health and your life!