Botanical Medicine

Botanical Medicine: Healing with Herbs

Medicinal plants have been, and will continue to be a valuable part of health care worldwide. These plants and plant substances are highly effective and safe in the right dosage and when used correctly with other herbs and treatments. Herbs can be prepared in many forms – teas, tinctures, capsules, and topical applications. Herbal Medicines uniquely provide biochemical, nutritive and energetic properties for restoring health and have a higher safety record than pharmaceuticals.

Naturopathic doctors are extensively trained in both the art and science of Botanical Medicine. Naturopathic doctors are currently the only health care providers in Canada to be licensed for the use of Botanical Medicine.

Dr. Cherevaty ND integrates Western, Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine in her Naturopathic family practice. She uses the highest-quality herbal products available, emphasizing Canadian and local Guelph growers and suppliers, organic and ethically wildcrafted botanicals wherever possible.

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