Tips for Increasing Breastmilk Supply

The primary reason why women discontinue breastfeeding in the first few months is inadequate supply of breastmilk. With breastfeeding being so important, the more we can do to provide breastfeeding moms with the supports they need, the better for individual and community health! As long as baby is growing and developing normally, and has normal … Read more

Sticking to It: Tips for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions to Exercise & Lose Weight this Winter

Beat the Winter Blahs with Outdoor Exercise My number one tip for beating the “winter blahs” is to get outside into that winter weather with some outdoor activities that you enjoy. Cold weather exercise helps our bodies adapt to the lower temperatures so that we don’t suffer as much through cold winters. Outdoor exercise also … Read more

Running Out of Steam? 2 Reasons Why Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You to Take More Iron

If you’ve ever made an appointment with your doctor to discuss fatigue, brain fog, heavy periods or a loss of your healthy stamina, she probably checked you for anemia, and for good reason. Women lose blood and iron with every period, and as many as 90% of us don’t consume enough iron to meet our … Read more

Naturopathic Labor Induction

Naturopathic perinatal care includes supporting the spontaneous onset of labor, which helps to prevent the use of a cascade of medical interventions that may compromise the overall birthing experience for mother and child. “Naturopathic induction” involves strategies that support spontaneous, efficient labor by respecting and working with your body’s and the baby’s natural timing. Perinatal … Read more

Let’s Get Soupy

Soups and stews are a mainstay for fall and winter meals. Easy on the digestion, warming, hydrating and oh-so-nourishing, soups and stews are also a great way to get a quick and healthy mid-week supper made with the help of leftover veggies, beans, lentils, meats and grains you’ve got in the fridge. Great soup begins … Read more

Healthy Hallowe’en? 3 Survival Tips for Parents

It’s that infamous time of year again: Hallowe’en. Forgive me for sounding goulishly doctor-ish with this post…..but from an immune system perspective, Hallowe’en is “the perfect storm”: the perfect costume designed to scare (but not to keep you warm) + cold weather + late nights + SUGAR = et VOILA!  Down come their defenses…and down … Read more

Healing PMS Naturally: natural relief from premenstrual syndrome

Many women come to my office for help with premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Naturopathically speaking, the good news is that PMS is treatable.  If you have moderate to severe PMS symptoms almost every month, or if your PMS symptoms interfere with your ability to enjoy your relationships or activities, please know that this is “common”, but not … Read more

Healing Colic: Probiotics for Infant Digestive and Immune Health

If you’re the parent of an infant, you may be all too aware that the “rule of threes” – crying for more than three hours per day, for more than three days per week, for longer than three weeks – spells colic. Infant colic is a common concern that causes suffering among infants and significant … Read more

Green tea, the flu, and you

We’ve all heard of the tremendous antioxidant, anti-cancer and even fat-fighting benefits of drinking green tea. But did you know that green tea can also help fight and prevent viral infections like influenza and the common cold? Whether gargled, consumed as a tea, or in encapsulated extract format, the evidence for green tea’s antiviral effects … Read more